Thursday, 19 April 2018

Spring FEVER....

Well our gig in Belleville was cancelled due to the unseasonlike weather Mother Nature lobbed at us. She was having quite a tantrum this weekend.... nothing tests my sanity like a trip down the 401 in inclement weather - so Mr. Head and I hunkered down snug at home and worked on music...tossing around ideas for new tunes to cover, talking about writing stuff of our own... We've also been booking some more gigs of the summer - I just finished up a new poster for a show at the beautiful Huff Estates Winery in the County - looking forward to that one for sure - WINE, Music - a long weekend - What's not to like?

I have the weekend off this week, but Mr. Head will be out playing with the Bob Robertson Trio Saturday night at the Stonewater Pub in Gananoque. If you haven't seen those guys - go check them out...they harmonize beautifully, great tunes you don't often hear.

Me, I'm going to hang out with the cats and likely work on my very rusty guitar skills...

Stay tuned for the next post - in the meantime, look after one another, and support live music wherever you are. - V

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