Friday, 3 November 2017

Long time no see!

It's been a wee while since our last post.  Time sometimes gets away from us.  After the amazing "Between the Lines" show at The Cove Inn, we took a little break and spent some time over in Ireland visiting a friend, seeing the sights, sampling the whiskey AND of course checking out the music.  Mr. Head even got to sit in on few jams, and we played an impromptu set in the piano lounge at the Abbeyglen Castle Hotel in beautiful Clifden on the West Coast.  A fun and fabulous family run property...imagine if The Cove Country Inn was an Irish Manor house.  We were away for two weeks and now it's back to the regular grind :-)  

Gigs tend to slow down this time of year, but we do have a few dates coming up...

November 12 - we'll help celebrate the dynamic duo of Mavis Livingston & Greg Richmond - two tireless supporters of Kingston's live music scene. Lots of music at "A Greavis Gatherine" at Blu Martini.

November 25th - After you've enjoyed the annual Westport Santa Claus parade - come in from the cold and let us warm you up with a few tunes in The Cove Country Inn Lounge.

We do have a few open dates between now and Christmas if you're looking for some Live music for your holiday party - it's more affordable than you think - feel free to contact us!

In the meantime - we hope to see you at one of our gigs! And thanks for supporting us!

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